request form~ ….

request form~ ._.

Untuk yang request: isi juseyo(?)… ^^



Rating: *tidak wajib diisi


Cast/other cast: *wajib diisi


Oceee! cuma segitu aja kok 🙂 kajja buruan request nee 🙂

`lavender_sica` (Lav/Na/Sica author)


4 thoughts on “request form~ ….

  1. aku mw request dung oenn.. boleh ya^^ jeballlll *maksa*

    Title: up to oennie kkk~ (kan oennie yg bikin
    Genre: Up to oennie (kan oennie yg bikin)
    Rating: bebas (kan oennie yg bikin)
    Length: Multichapter (biar gk nyusahin org)
    Cast: All member exoshidae kk~

    udh ya oenn, segitu aja paii paii~

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